IRP Registrations & Heavy Road Use Tax

International Registration Plan (IRP) Vehicles

  • Effective January 1, 2014, vehicles and trailers registered through IRP no longer pay annual ad valorem taxes at the county tag offices.
  • Vehicles and trailers registered through IRP pay an annual Alternative Ad Valorem Tax (AAVT).
  • AAVT is paid to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division (DOR) the same time the IRP registration is issued or renewed. (4125 Welcome All Road, Atlanta, GA 30349)
  • If you purchase a vehicle or trailer and choose to register that vehicle or trailer through IRP, the title can be processed at the DOR or at our office. (if you are a Glynn County resident).
  • Form T-146 allows a vehicle or trailer being registered through IRP to be titled in Georgia without paying (TAVT). The completed T-146 must be submitted with the application for Georgia title. 

Note: If the vehicle or trailer is purchased through an out-of-state business or dealer, sales tax must be paid if the form T-146 is completed.

  • Any vehicle or trailer registered through IRP will pay all fees due directly to the DOR.
  • Any 2013 or prior year ad valorem taxes due on any vehicle or trailer registered through IRP must be paid a county tag office. You will be provided with a paid receipt to take to IRP to complete the registration process.
  • IRP customers can contact the DOR at or 855-406-5221, option 6.

For more information about IRP registrations, click here.

IRS Form 2290 Heavy Road Use Tax

To process a registration for a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds or more, a current year IRS Form 2290 is required. 

  • An entirely legible and clear copy of the 2290 must be submitted. It must be stamped by the IRS as received and paid. The stamp must be legible.

  • A printed copy of the electronic 2290 received by the owner if they filed electronically. Electronically-filed 2290 printouts have an e-file watermark including a received date diagonally printed across the form.
    • A current year Form 2290 must be submitted.
    • A 2290 marked or stamped as "Proof of Delivery" is NOT acceptable.
    • The complete VIN must be listed on the 2290 or its attachment. Whiteout, strikeouts or a partial VIN are not acceptable. It must be entirely legible and clearly unaltered.
    • The current/new owner's name on the 2290 and on the registration must be exactly the same unless the owner is a subsidiary of the parent company listed on the 2290. Copies of the documentation correlating the names must be included with the 2290. If a vehicle is leased to a company with a name that is different on the 2290 from the vehicle's registration, a copy of the lease agreement is required. 

For more information on registering these vehicles, click here. To access IRS Form 2290, visit the IRS website.